May 18, 2012

Vegan Pikelet Recipe

Pikelets are a smaller, fluffier type of pancake. Jerome is obsessed with pikelets... by obsessed I mean that he asks me to make them nearly every night after dinner. I became a bit bored with making them and needed a recipe that would be easy so that I could make them really quickly without any hassle. This is how I came up with this ! I think that they are amazingly soft and fluffy but also hold together well. I struggled with finding good vegan recipes that tasted yummy and these are egg-free and dairy-free! Pikelets always remind me of when I was little and once every couple of months my mum would say to  me that I could have whatever I wanted for dinner... anything at all. I would ALWAYS choose pikelets. There was nothing more delicious at that age than a pile of pikelets with strawberry jam or maple syrup.

serves 2

   3/4 cup 
Soy Milky Lite
   1/4 cup water
   3/4 teaspoon of vanilla essence
   1 cup plain flour
   2 teaspoons baking powder
   1 tablespoon of corn flour*
   1 tablespoon of sugar
   pinch of salt

   Spray oil
   Strawberry jam, maple syrup or agave syrup to serve
   Strawberries, blueberries or any other fruit to serve

  1. Whisk all batter ingredients together in a large bowl until just combined.
  2. On high heat, bring the fry pan to maxium heat.
  3. Spray the pan with oil.
  4. Drop level 2 tablespoonfuls of the batter mixture into the pan and cook until bubbles appear on the surface.
  5. Flip to the other side for another 30 seconds or so until just browned. Set aside.
  6. Continue these steps until all of the batter is used.
  7. Serve with maple syrup/agave syrup and garnish with fresh fruit (optional).

  • *The corn flour makes them extra fluffy.
  • Wait until the pan is at maximum temperature before you start adding pikelets.
  • I always find that the first pikelet doesn't work out as well as the other ones. So I normally add one pikelet first, flip it and then take it off. This seasons the pan somehow. Then add your normal amount after that. 
  • When cooking the pikelets, wait until you can see lots of bubbles on the surface before you flip.
  • The smaller the pikelet, the easier to flip! 

The nutrition information above is an approximate guideline.


  1. These look and sound so unique and delicious! Is corn flour the same as masa harina?

    1. Hi Lauren! I am pretty sure that corn flour is the same thing? Masa harina is a traditional Mexican flour I am pretty sure? It is used to make tortillas and is made from treated corn? Don't quote me on that though hehe. I am semi-sure it is the same thing :) Thanks for your comment!

  2. If I may, corn flour is the same as what we call cornstarch in america. It is not the same as masa harina. Masa harina is more of what we call cornmeal, only more refined. Cornmeal and masa harina make savory cornbread and tamales. Cornstarch is the fine white powder, which Australia, UK and the rest of the civilized world calls corn flour. heh

  3. I make these all the time- they're delicious! I go the lazy option- soy milk, self raising flour and vanilla essence. i serve them with hot berries and maple syrup- it's mine and my Nanna's fave breakfast! Thanks Madison!

    1. Hello! Thanks so much for your comment. We love pikelets too! :)

  4. Hi Madison, what type of oil do you use?

    PS - I have just stumbled upon your website and look forward to making lots of the recipes you have here. :)

    1. Hi Joy,
      Thanks so much. I use any plain-flavoured oil. You could use canola or vegetable oil :)

  5. Hi Madison,
    great recipe, soooo fluffy. We enjoyed them with homemade nutella! I also used gluten free flour and they turned out well!
    Thanks for the great website!

    1. Thanks Jenni! I am so glad that you enjoyed them :) We love them too!

  6. Thanks for recipe and tips. Worked a treat, Di

  7. Thanks so much for this fantastic recipe! Was in a bind for something to make for breakfast when I realised we were out of all our breakfast supplies and this was perfect with such basic ingredients and foolproof instructions. The pikelets came out so fluffy and tasty! Who needs eggs?!?

  8. We made these for breaky this morning and everyone was happy - so fluffy and light. Thanks for sharing Madison

  9. Hi Madison, do you think it would be okay to use self raising flour in place of plain flour/baking powder?
    Daniela :)

  10. Hi Madison,do you think using self raising flour in place of plain flour/baking powder would work?
    Thanks :)

  11. FINALLY a no bullsh#t vegan pikelet recipe! Just made these for the baby girls today and we all loved em . Thaaaaaank you!

  12. These are the BEST. THING. EVER. Love love love, thank you so much!!

  13. Thank you for this recipe. I have been searching for vegan pikelets that are not like rubber with so many fails. These do not fail to impress. I used wholemeal self raising instead of plain and only 1 teaspoon baking powder. Instead of sugar added half ripe banana sliced and a teaspoon of maple syrup. Yummo :)