July 8, 2012

Mavis's Kitchen

Jerome and I had a day-off today so we decided to check out Mavis's Kitchen  for our wedding destination. Mavis's Kitchen is a 25 acre farmland consisting of an organic restaurant, a cute little gallery and 4 cabins available for accommodation. It is situated at the base of Mt Warning on the Gold Coast (Australia) and is a one hour drive from our house. The trip down there was so lush and green that we didn't mind the trip. On the way, we drove past a green field with lots of beautiful cows. It was so amazing and natural that I just had to take photos. There was just something about this field that really captured our hearts. The cows were so observant and watched our every move. It reminded us both again why we don't eat meat... they were such enchanting creatures!

As we drove in to Mavis's Kitchen, I could not believe how stunning it was. We went over a bridge with a pretty little stream that lead straight to the large driveway. The property was covered with numerous fruit trees and herb gardens and chickens running freely over the land. It was beautiful. We knew straight away that we wanted to have our wedding there. We had imagined our wedding to be eco-friendly and natural and this was exactly what we had hoped for. As we walked through the farmland, I felt so detached to the stress and worries of everyday life. I felt so calm and at peace.

We had soy coffees at the restaurant but I really wanted something sweet to eat... So I asked Carl (the head chef) if he could possibly make me something vegan. He was so lovely and ever so happy to make something for me. He poached a pear in a cinnamon and 
star anise sugar syrup and made a delicious vegan raspberry and coconut milk ice cream. The whole dish was amazing. I was so thankful!

After our meal, the wedding coordinator showed us around the property. She told us where we could have the wedding ceremony and reception and gave us some wonderful ideas to make the wedding even more intimate. Jerome loved it just as much as I did. I could just see how enchanted he was as he walked through the green field. The coordinator showed us the 4 cottages available for accommodation. It was perfect for our small 13 guest wedding. It meant that we could book the whole destination out just for our wedding. She also told us that the chefs would be overjoyed to cater for a vegan wedding and make a vegan cake. Apparently, they cater for vegan and vegetarian weddings quite regularly. After hearing this, I felt so relieved as I was previously a bit worried about the food aspect of the wedding and finding a chef that was comfortable doing a vegan wedding.

The drive back home was filled with lots of excitement as Jerome and I kept discussing our wonderful experience. I cannot wait to go back there. I just really wanted to share this as it was the highlight of my week ^-^


  1. Oh my, that place looks AMAZING! It is like my dream property. You guys are so lucky to be having your wedding there! How funny - I live at Terranora, about an hour from Mt Warning. Small world! :)

    1. Hi Shae! Thank you so much. It is a really beautiful place :) Oh it really is a small world hehe.