July 26, 2014

Vegan Baby and Children Experiences and Advice

"My baby is 8 months old and has been vegan since she arrived in my belly. She has never been sick and is always so well behaved and is really smart and strong. My paediatrician has no concerns regarding our diet and is happy with everything as she has never been sick or ill. Her immune system is great and I completely thank our vegan lifestyle. She is constantly exposed to other children so it really is saying something about her healthy body." 
- Kate, Australia

"Lucy's paediatrician is so impressed with our vegan lifestyle and the impact of it on her strong, growing body that he is now considering undertaking a vegan diet for himself. I am so proud and happy about this." 
- Penny, Australia

"I have 2 teenage children who have always been vegan. They are still vegan and thank me for it. However, it can be tough when they are at school or go to parties. For instance, I would always make another cake for them to take to school so they had an option for another students birthday. I felt a bit guilty but it was definitely worth it. As long as they know why they are vegan and they are able to respond to questions... they will be fine and will be so healthy. Good luck everyone. You have made the healthiest choice possible for your children." 
- Maria, Australia

"My husband and I have raised our 4 yr old daughter, Sammy, as vegetarian/vegan her whole life. She has her own garden where she grows veggies and often makes herself a salad from her garden for lunch. She has a lot of respect for animals and nature, and has a really open minded appetite. We're currently easing our way into 80% raw, 20% cooked (raw until dinner time). I've also begun making our own vegan gluten free breads and pasta at home and I'm learning to make almond cheeses. Sammy is learning the cycles of the seasons, as well as when fruits/veggies/herbs are planted and cultivated. She wakes every morning to water her garden and sits and talks to them a bit before asking to take some for herself. It's beautiful and fun to see her love for her garden, and the way she talks to flowers and trees when we go on walks. :)" 
Adrianna, New Zealand

"My toddler is 18 months old and has always been vegan. Her favourite foods are kale, spinach, tofu, tempeh, peanut butter, tahini, coconut flesh, pawpaw, avocado, quinoa and blueberries. She is so strong and full of life." 
- Jessica-Rose, UK

"Have two boys, 4.5 and 1.5 years old. Both are raised on plant based food (vegan + honey), my youngest is also allergic to soy, peanuts, tree nuts (except for almonds) and pulses/legumes, and hypersensitive to some veggies such as bell pepper and tomatoes. When the children are picky with their food and I feel worry about their nutrition, I use to mix things I want them to eat in some favourite dishes. For example, I enrich pancake and waffle batter by adding vegetables and/or protein powder (rice), and have also hidden ingredients in sauce for lasagna. Sometimes I call dishes "child-fancy" names, such as "hulk-pancakes" (which are green due to spirulina and spinach, plus apple and cinnamon for taste), or "spider - spagetti" etc. Live in Sweden with a pretty short vegetation period, but we try to involve the kids in gardening. Also, letting the children take part when cooking and baking is also good - they are prouder and more curious to try items they have done themselves."
Josefine, Sweden

"Sienna is 4 years old and has always been vegan. We have a veggie garden which and we use vegan soil and fertiliser. She has her own little section and sometimes sits out there and picks the food and eats it. She loves animals and knows exactly why she won't eat animals or their byproducts. She is really healthy, active and is always running around the garden. She is also really smart and loves reading. She has been sick a couple of times in her life but has fought the illnesses off very quickly. I highly recommend a vegan lifestyle for all children" 
- 'Mamabear to 1 veggie baby'

"I have two children who have been vegan from birth. It is so rewarding and satisfying to know that you have given them the best start possible. It is great to know that you have set their tiny little bodies up for life. You will always get the sceptics and the negative comments but don't worry... you know within yourself that you have made the best decision" 
- Annie, Fiji

"My 3 kids are all high raw and pretty much live off of fruit (ages 10, 8 and 3) Especially my little guy, he only wants fruit and homemade almond milk yogurt. I let them listen to their own cravings and if they each want 4 bananas for lunch, then that's fine by me :) I should mention that we also have a large garden and each of the kids have their own garden bed, that they have to care for. I love making Bento style lunches for them. Everyone loves cute food!" 
- Stephanie, Germany

"Love your site and everything you and Jerome do especially the snickers cups. We have made them so many times. Lily is 5 years old and is already an animal rights activist. My advice would be to be honest with your children on why you live the way you do and to help them to be able to explain it for themselves. Lily's favourite foods are vegan cookies, steamed veggies, veggie sausages, pumpkin soup, tofu "nuggets" and tofu salad wraps." 
- Lia, USA

"Amy is 3 years old and is vegan. Our whole family is vegan and we have been for the last 10 or so years. My advice to others would be to take treats to parties so that your littles don't feel like they are missing out. I am always told that our vegan treats are amazing and I always share your website with them. I have made so many other people come on here regularly to try out your yummy recipes. Even non-vegans!" 
Stacey - Australia

"I have three vegan children and have always read them books about animals to help them understand our love for animals. They have all grown up with an amazing attachment to animals and understand why we do not eat them. They also love your cute little bean drawings." 
- Louise, South Africa

"I was vegan through my whole pregnancy and my daughter has been vegan ever since. She is 2 now. I shed my pre-pregnancy weight in about 2 or 3 weeks and have felt so healthy and have never had any problems. Hannah is now in day care and takes lots of healthy vegan treats." 
- Maddie, Australia

"Kids can be really fussy but just read all about nutrition and don't panic. I have three vegan kids and they all went through fussy stages where we would have to make up creative dinner and food ideas such as pizzas that looked like faces." 
- Melanie, Australia

"I am proud to say that my 8 year old is vegan and always has been. He loves Tae Kwan Do and is so active, healthy and alive! Just by looking at him is enough to see that his vegan diet is doing wonders!" 
- Tash, New Zealand

"Wraps & rolls!! Kids will eat anything if it's rolled up and cute looking. My 5 year old will eat just about any veggie in a sushi roll. :)" 
- Celine, New York

"I'm not a parent but I am an aunt. My six year old niece helps me plant the garden, water, weed, harvest, and prepare fresh food. She comes over and requests kale & herb salads, fresh snap peas with homemade hummus etc. she's learning the cycles of the plants and knows the order of ripeness of all the fruit in our yard (raspberries are next!). When kids understand where their food comes from and are able to take part in the growing process, they are more likely to try new foods and make healthy choices. Suddenly, the magic of Swiss chard grown from seed is more appealing than something that comes in a box."
Heather, USA


  1. First, OMG I adooooore the new header. It is so, so cute! You're so incredibly talented. Also, this post was great! I'm not a vegan momma yet, but within the next couple years I plan to be and I love hearing other ladies vegan advice. Thanks! :)

    1. Thanks so much Katie! The new header is really cute... I love the idea of a Veggieful town! hehe. Oh how lovely... I am so glad that this page has helped you :)