April 13, 2015

Chris' Dips New Down 2 Earth Range

There are three things we love in life… receiving new vegan products, eating vegan deliciousness and sharing exciting new vegan items. So, this post is very exciting for us. What a life we have! We are very happy veggie beans when our bellies are filled with Chris’ Dips new Down 2 Earth range. Yum yum!

Now, we don’t do too many product-related posts or reviews, as there aren’t many items we are overly thrilled about. However, we could not say no to Chris’ Dips after our taste-test… OH MY GOSH! These are seriously amazing. They don’t taste like your average dip or hommus... plus, they have beautiful rich flavours without the whole bag-load of sugar and saturated fat.

So, here are the amazing varieties:
  • Mexican Style Bean & Corn Salsa (my favourite… get in my mouth!)
  • Spiced Roasted Carrot & Turmeric
  • Sweet Potato & Harissa Hommus
  • Japanese Style Eggplant & Miso

Now, I know the classic and best way to devour a stack of dips is to use a box of crackers, toasted tortillas etc… But I really want to show you a few other ways to incorporate healthy dips in to your life. These are ideas Jerome and I use regularly at home (see photo at top of page):
  • Spreading dips on wraps. I love this idea. It makes your salad wrap even more delicious and exciting and it is really easy to change up the flavours. This is great for school or work lunches or just when you need a quick meal at home. We used the Spiced Roasted Carrot & Turmeric dip for this.
  • Nachos. Ok, this is so crazily delicious and easy. The Mexican Style Bean & Corn Salsa dip is my absolutely most favourite dip I have EVER tasted. It seriously tastes like a Mexican restaurant in a beautifully packaged container. When Jerome and I cook dinner for Mexican Monday, we love to pour this dip over a bowl of natural corn chips, top it with sautéed veggies, olives, guacamole and coriander and voila! The easiest Mexican dish ever!
  • The Sweet Potato & Harissa Hommus goes amazingly well with falafel. This is one of my ultimate snacks. I love to dip falafel in slightly spicy dips. Such a filling, healthy and decadent snack. Another amazing idea for your lunchbox!
  • The good old crudités. You can’t have dip without a fresh tray of chopped veggies. The Japanese Style Eggplant & Miso has a very interesting flavour which is complimented well with the fresh crisp veggie sticks. Yum yum!

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