December 9, 2013

Vegan Christmas Guide

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for everyone and there is no reason for awkwardness when food is served. I have received quite a number of emails within the last couple of weeks from Veggieful viewers who are worried about Christmas time due to being vegan or vegetarian. I can completely understand how you can feel uncomfortable when having non-vegans over for Christmas or even scarier, going to a non-vegan household for Christmas!

The best advice I can give you all from past experience is that if YOU don't feel uncomfortable or worried about it, no one else will be! I really believe that people can catch-on to the feeling of awkwardness or insecurity which can result in others making jokes and teasing you about your lifestyle choices. But the fact is, people do this to break the tension and to try and get you out of your shell. So, if there is no awkwardness or insecurity to begin with, the jokes will quickly get old and not relevant. So, be happy about the holidays, follow the vegan holiday tips at the bottom of this page and be confident about your decision to avoid animal products.

Preparing a Christmas day meal plan is stressful enough, let alone if you need to cater for friends and family.  Whether you are vegan yourself or just need ideas to cater for someone else who is vegan you can get ideas from the following recipes. These are free from animal products and are also easy to prepare, taste amazing and will satisfy various age groups and lifestyles.  Check out our recipes page for more ideas. 

Desserts, Sweets & Drinks:






Scenario #1 - You are a vegan going to a non-vegan Christmas party.
  • Make sure you take your own food! This will allow others to see how delicious vegan cooking is and also allow you to feel comfortable in your surroundings with food that you know you can eat.
  • Take something savoury and something sweet! Then you are covered for each course.
  • Preparing a large salad for everyone to share is always a great way to incorporate a common meal in the middle of the table. ESPECIALLY pasta salads and potato salads which will definitely fill you and your plate up. 
  • I know it may be uncomfortable but you will need to let the party host be aware that you are vegan or vegetarian. This will allow them to prepare something for you as well! From a host's point of view, there is nothing worse that not accommodating for a guests needs! So do them the favour and let them know :) Then you can offer to prepare a couple of things to bring too!

Scenario #2 - You are a vegan hosting a Christmas party with non-vegans attending.
  • This can be stressful. You will probably be worried about the reaction you will receive from your guests and the opinions about your food. But don't be! The smartest way to make the best of your party is to cook things that are common to all diets. Such as: pastas, soups, breads, dips, anything with potatoes, salads, lots of vegetable sides, curries, pies, pastries, lasagnes etc... You will need to prepare wholesome and delicious meals that all will enjoy! 
  • Avoid food items that people may joke about or have not yet tried, including: tofu, soy bean products, vegan cheeses, vegan meat substitutes etc... This will prevent others asking about what these "new" ingredients are and joking about them.
  • Be open to others bringing non-vegan dishes if they desire. 
  • Make a scrumptious dessert that no one would EVER know was vegan... such as our: bounty ballsred velvet cupcakes or our DELICIOUS chocolate custard.

If you are not sure what to gift this Christmas, how about a biscuit mixture in a jar? It is not only creative and sentimental, but it shows that you really care. Just add the dry ingredients to a jar and add a cute gift tag that says what else needs to be added and instructions on how to bake the loveliness inside. See our Anzac Biscuits in a Jar recipe below for a cute little vegan gift! 


  1. Thank you Veggieful! You helped make my day!

  2. I'm not sure what we're doing for Christmas yet, but my boyfriend's family might come to our house. I've planned out a great vegan menu that I'm really excited about. A vegetable pastry roll, gravy, roast potatoes and marinated vegetable salad. The only strange recipe I'm going to try is vegan Norwegian Christmas patties that I found on Pinterest, they're made with rice and cauliflower.

    People are always curious about vegan baking, but for me that's the easiest part of being vegan. I've made some amazing vegan cake and there's no way anyone would suspect it's any different to traditional cake.

    1. Natasha that sounds so yummy! I want to come to yours for Christmas hehehe :)

    2. Thank you. It was difficult to narrow it down to only a few things. There's so many recipes I want to try :)

    3. I know what you mean!! I have a long long long list of recipes I need to make hehe :)

  3. Seeing all your pics in one just makes me swoon at your photography/styling! They look gorgeous! Loving that biscuit in a jar idea, and all I can say about those bounty balls is OH MY GOD!

    1. Thanks Robyn! You are too sweet. I will tell Jerome that you like his photography and styling... he will be very happy :)

  4. I am a beginning vegan. I want to bring my own food but no one else in my family is vegan.

    1. Hi there! I would just take your own food. There is nothing wrong with that... it just means more for you :)