December 6, 2014

Vegan No-Egg Nog Alternative Recipe

Who ever said that being vegan was hard? It is soooo easy, soooo delicious and sooooo satisfying... let alone, so good for your body too! This is a great alternative to the classic non-vegan egg nog as it is creamy, slightly sweet, decadent and spicy. Plus, you can add a dash of alcohol and be guilt-free as it Christmas time! Fun fun fun. Anywho, I hope this makes your vegan Christmas even more Christmassy! Enjoy :)

 serves 2

      1 cup plant milk (such as Soy Milky Lite)
      1 cup coconut cream
      1/4 cup maple syrup
      1 teaspoon cinnamon
      big pinch nutmeg
      dash vanilla extract
      rum or brandy (to taste)

  1. In a saucepan on medium heat, add all ingredients except for the alcohol. 
  2. Bring to the simmer and whisk for a couple of minutes until heated through.
  3. Take off the heat and add the desired amounts and types of alcohol (Don't feel guilty... it's Christmas time!).
  4. Divide between two glasses.
  5. Happy holidays! 

The nutrition information above is an approximate guideline. 


  1. Hi Madison!

    I don't suppose this could sub for a christmas cake custard? I'm having a hard time finding one... On another note also wondering about how the quantities might change (or whether it would work) to cater for a larger group of people?

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi there! You can purchase custard powder which is vegan from the supermarket which makes a pretty nice custard. Or just adding some corn flour to this recipe would be a spiced yummy custard. Large quantities would work... you just need to multiply the recipe for the desired amount. Enjoy!