May 21, 2022

What is Vegan at Bakers Delight?


This list was created to help those who are looking for vegan options. Yes, the company itself isn't vegan and prepares/sells non-vegan products. However, the point of this is to show what can be purchased. Hopefully, a push for more vegan products will have a positive influence on these companies. Feel free to add to the list or remove from the list by commenting on this post. Remember, be kind. We don't need those wearing grumpy pants.

If you want to add or remove to the list, make sure attach a quote, link or photo that proves the change.

Disclaimer: This is an AUSTRALIAN list. Products may be different in other countries. Ingredients and products are always subject to change. This is a guide only. Always check before consuming.

Last updated: 21st May 2022

There is actually SO many vegan options... its quite surreal. 
Check out their list of vegan products HERE so you can see photos too.

  • Vegan friendly cheesy bite - hotdog, cheese and pizza sauce
  • Vegan friendly Margherita pizza
  • Vegan friendly Mediterranean pizza

  • Vegan friendly Cheesymite Scroll

Breads, Rolls and Loaves:
  • Nearly every BASIC bread, vienna, loaf and bread roll (Have to ask at each individual store). Didn't see one basic loaf or roll that wasn't vegan.
  • Pumpkin bread cob loaf
  • Pumpkin bread loaf
  • Wholemeal pizza bases
  • The fruit loaves
  • Chia and fruit buns
  • Hot cross buns, fruit buns AND fruitless buns

  • Apple and cinnamon scroll
  • Apple and cinnamon teatime
  • Apple and walnut log, ring, swirl AND scroll
  • Apple log AND scroll
  • Apricot delight log AND scroll
  • Boston bun
  • Blueberry bunlet
  • Cinnamon log
  • Chocolate fondant mini finger buns - 4 pack
  • Choc fondant finger bun
  • Coffee and date log AND roll
  • Coffee scrolls
  • Finger buns - different colours and sprinkles
  • Fun buns
  • Iced buns
  • Jam bunlet
  • Jam log
  • Jam scroll

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