April 11, 2012

Elvis has left the building!

Here is a lovely feel-good story for you lovely peeps:
I have had a Rooster living in my garden for the last couple of weeks and we don't know where he had come from. We started seeing him every day so we began feeding him the grains that we give our Guinea pigs and vegetable scraps. We also gave him a bowl of water to make sure that he was drinking. Anywho, we became quite attached to him so we named him

Today I was on the phone to my friend and I could hear Elvis screeching with painful noises. I quickly went to the balcony to find the men next door throwing rocks at him and picking up car tyres to throw at him. From that point, all I remember is lots of adrenaline and my body shaking and I yelled from the balcony "Stop throwing things at him". I quickly got off the phone and ran down there and yelled at them. I was so angry that I can't even remember what I said. All I remember is "Throw one more of those and I will be throwing one at your head... and I will really enjoy it". (It makes me a bit embarrassed now >.<) After that, they walked upstairs but I could hear them plotting ideas about killing him. It made me even more angry.

I called heaps of places including the RSPCA and the council and no one would fetch him. I felt so annoyed because this poor rooster was lost from his home and was being tortured when I was not around. I ended up getting hold of the RSPCA emergency van and they said that they would come and get him. So, I set up camp next to Elvis' nest on a towel and read my Vegan Yum Yum book while eating fruit to protect him from being attacked. I kept an eye on him until they turned up .

The RSPCA only took 30 minutes before they arrived and less than 10 minutes to catch him.   I was so happy to know that he would be going to the rescue place. The lovely ladies told me that they would see if anyone had lost their rooster and if not, they would send him to a farm. I hope that he will go somewhere lovely... and not to the metaphorical "farm". 

The mean men saw them take him away... So I death-stared them and strutted off in a pride stride. I am so happy that Elvis has been saved. He is now in a chicken bed on the way to the rescue place where he will have fun with other Roosters and Chickens until he finds a nice home.

This is your feel-good story for the day :)

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  1. Oh what a sweet thing for you to do! Reading this gave me goosebumps!