February 23, 2016

The Best Ever Vegan Nut Burger Recipe

How do you know if a recipe is a keeper?
  1. You eat it raw.
  2. They hold together perfectly.
  3. You add it to everything! Burgers, wraps, salads etc...
  4. You continue to eat them from the pan even though you keep burning your fingers and tongue.
  5. They are all finished in one sitting.
  6. Your guests ask you for the recipe.
  7. Your guests are you to make more.
  8. Your guests ask you to enlighten them with more healthy recipe secrets.
  9. Your guests fall to their knees and beg you to sprinkle them with your cooking expertise. 
  10. Your guests tattoo your name followed by "the cooking goddess" on their chest.
  11. Yep... this recipe is awesome.
Thank us later!

List 1:
1/2 cup raw cashews
1 cup raw walnuts
1 cup raw almonds
1 garlic clove
huge pinch salt

List 2:
1 tablespoon ketchup
1 tablespoon soy sauce
3 tablespoons nutritional yeast (what is this?)
1/4 teaspoon mixed herbs
1 small carrot, (1/4 cup finely grated)
1 handful de-stemmed kale
1 small zucchini, (1/2 cup finely grated)
1/2 cup rolled oats
small handful parsley, chopped

  1. Add all of the ingredients from 'list 1' to a food processor and blend until finely chopped.
  2. Add the ingredients from list 2 and blend until all combined.
  3. Divide into 10 balls and push down to form patties.
  4. Spray a frypan with oil and fry each one until browned.
  5. Eat immediately, keep in the fridge for a couple of days or freeze until needed.
  6. You will LOVEEEEEE them!

  • I LOVE these. You can use them on burgers, wraps, crumbled on salads or just dip them in sauce and eat them. Yum yum yum!
  • They even taste amazing raw!


43% of your Vit. A, 25% of your Vit. C, 13% of your iron, high in manganese, high in phosphorus. The nutrition information above is an approximate guideline.


  1. I've never tried making a veggie burger with nuts! Looking forward to tattooing your names on my forehead ;)