March 28, 2016

What Is The Best Thing About Being Vegan?

"Knowing that you have saved so many animals lives, feeling lighter and cleaner, energy levels go thru the roof and rarely get sick or If you do... You fight it off very quickly!" - Belinda.

"The best thing about being vegan is how much it opens up new food ideas/recipes and different methods of cooking! Also not feeling gross after a meal at all anymore is a plus." - Sam.

"Being fit, muscly and vegan and shocking the world with your plant-based fuelled muscles "- Ben.

"Feeling healthier and looking healthier. "- Charlotte.

"The best thing for me was definitely reversing all of the pains and yuckiness i felt when eating dairy and meat. I feel lighter and my belly is definitely smaller. Plus I can eat more and feel satisfied in knowing everything i had consumed was good for me."- Karley.

"Saving animals 🐷" - apeelinglifestyle

"Being part of the change" - la_triquetra

"The challenge of responsibility." - joseguarro

"Eating as much as you want!" - emmelync

"honestly. Having the energy and desire to have sex almost daily. When I was still on the animal products, I'd be sleepy a lot. I also didn't have the desire to as much. Now if I haven't had sex in over 48hours I'm like a 15 year old again. Pretty awesome. Is the rest of that. Oh and saving animals :)" - tallbearto

"Knowing without a doubt that I'm not contributing to the pain, suffering and murder of intelligent and gentle animals 🐮💗🐷🍎🐥🍃" - rachel__tonkin

"Being able to eat simply, intuitively, and happily while not causing suffering 😋🍑🍒🍌🍎" - emtheveghead

"I have three reasons: Saving the planet. Saving animals. Saving my vessel." - journey_warrior

"Taking a stand for what's right - for the animals, the plant and your health." -  miharvey70

"Looking at my pets and knowing I hold ALL animals in the same regard. Conservation and health as well. The epic trifecta! ✌🏻️" - miaferret

"You become a much more compassionate being which feeds back positively to yourself."  kimbolucci

"Going vegan has made me be more aware about problems in our society, not only our exploitation of animals but also regarding the environment, fast fashion etc. It is empowering to know that my lifestyle choices have an impact on the world I live in, the world that next generations will live in. Also: awesome healthy tasty food of course" - energydiet_ir

"All of the above." - hola0506

"Being content in knowing no animals have been harmed in order for me to live. 💕🐷" - essentiallyhealth

"The knowledge that I no longer contribute to the suffering and death of non human animals. Also, we are raising three vegan children. They have always been vegan, since conception. I think that's a pretty special thing. I know they are all proud of it." - Nina Vee

"For me it is living guilt free. I am not using animals in any way. I am not paying for their pain and death. I can say in all honesty that I love animals and not have denial about it. I am lessening their suffering. By the way, I love your site. i use it often!" - Kim Ba

"For non-vegans I make magic when baking." - Jorge De Armas

"I'm with Kim Ba: I am free of the guilt of animal torture and death on my behalf. I cause no pain to the helpless. I feel so much better about that." - Alecia Cole

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