November 26, 2013

Vegan Sushi Bowl Recipe

Ok... I am going to start this amazing recipe with probably the most hilarious joke you will ever hear in your life:
Q) Why did the starfish blush?
A) Because the sea-weed.

Oh so funny. Now that you have stopped laughing, I can tell you about how deliciously crazy this recipe is. Jerome and I are absolutely obsessed with sushi. Especially avocado sushi rolls... and by obsessed I mean eating 30 pieces each in one sitting (see our mini sushi roll tutorial here). For this reason, I said to Jerome that we need to figure out a way to fulfil our sushi cravings at least once a week without the hassle and time of making sushi rolls. So, I made up this recipe... a 20 to 30 minute sushi bowl recipe. I can not accentuate enough the deliciousness of this recipe. It has all of the flavours of your favourite vegetarian/vegan sushi rolls without the time of making it! It is seriously like a magical bowl of Asian goodness. We just couldn't believe how amazing this was when we first had it. It completely satisfies the sushi cravings in just 30 minutes. We really feel like our eyes have been opened to the world of quick and easy homemade sushi yum yums. I guarantee that you will love this as much as we do. Enjoy (tanoshimu)!

makes: 4 bowls
total time: 25 to 30 minutes

   2 cups shredded crunchy lettuce
   2 large avocados, thinly sliced
   1/2 cup pickled ginger, thinly sliced
   1 large carrot, julienned/thinly peeled 
   3 nori (seaweed) sheets, thinly sliced
   140g cucumber, julienned/thinly sliced

   2 cups uncooked short-grain/sushi rice
   30ml sushi seasoning*
   2 tablespoons sesame seeds

   1/4 cup (62.5 ml) soy sauce
   2 tablespoons (40ml) sushi seasoning*
   1 teaspoon wasabi (or more if you are a heat-machine)

  1. Cook rice according to packet instructions.
  2. In the meantime, mix all 'dressing' ingredients together until combined and the wasabi is evenly distributed. Set aside. 
  3. Once the rice has cooked, drain if needed and place into a bowl. Carefully stir in the sushi seasoning and sesame seeds until combined. 
  4. Divide the rice between four bowls. 
  5. Divide the salad ingredients between the four bowls.
  6. Serve immediately and pour dressing over just before eating. Enjoy (tanoshimu)!

  • *Sushi seasoning is a store-bought seasoning for sushi (ha obviously) that combines a mixture of rice wine vinegar, sugar and salt to make your sushi rice amazingly delicious. You can purchase this from your supermarket in the Asian/International section or from your Asian supermarket. If you cannot find it, you can make up your own sushi seasoning by combing the following: 1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar, 1/2 tablespoon white sugar and a pinch of salt. This will make about 30ml of sushi seasoning. Make enough of it as needed.
  • Shred the nori and lettuce with scissors. I find it so much easier than slicing with a knife!
  • If you are a ginger-freak like me, feel free to add heaps of pickled ginger. 
  • Make sure you add the dressing just before serving to prevent the salad and nori from going mushy.
  • Feel free to add inari or tofu strips to this recipe. It would be delicious! 
  • We use sushi rice for this recipe which is a short-grain starchy white rice but feel free to use another type if desired. 
  • You should be able to purchase nori, sushi seasoning, sushi rice, wasabi and pickled ginger all from your local supermarket in the Asian/international section. 

The nutrition information above is an approximate guideline. One of our delicious sushi bowls contains 67% of your RDI of vitamin A, 30% of your RDI of vitamin C, 15% of your RDI of calcium and 40% of your RDI of iron. It also very high in manganese and contains no cholesterol. Nori is so amazing and is high in many vitamins and minerals including iodine, copper, zinc, selenium, iron and is one of the most protein-packed ocean plants. Studies have also shown that nori contains cobalamin (a type of B12 vitamin). 


  1. wow! these bowls seem great! I love sushi, so will be giving this a go (but sadly I don't share your love of pickled ginger so will be leaving that out! hehe )
    might even try this recipe with brown rice :)

    1. Hi Shani! Oh please tell me how it goes with brown rice :)

  2. Made this last night and my husband and i loved it! It is just like you said... like having sushi without the fuss. I like lots of pickled ginger too. We used a whole jar betweent he two of us. Thanks!

    1. Yay! I am so happy that you both loved it. We love this dish too... We have had it soooo many times :)

  3. These are amazing! My boyfriend and I are addicted. I leave out the nori though, because I don't like the taste of seaweed.
    It is so fast and easy to prepare and you can just chop up whichever vegetables you have on hand. My favourite toppings are definitely fresh mushrooms, avocado, cucumber and the delicious peanut-butter-tofu my boyfriend makes.
    Thank you!

    1. Hehe yay! So glad that you love it. It is definitely one of my favourites.