November 8, 2013

Veggieful's Vegan Baby Shower

On Sunday November 4th 2013, Jerome and I celebrated our love and excitement for the little girl growing inside of my belly at a rainforesty park in Currumbin, Queensland. We were 30 weeks pregnant at this point. Jerome and my family had been secretly planning all of the amazing details of our high-tea baby shower picnic for the few weeks prior so I was extra excited to see what had been organised and prepared. I was so grateful that they all were so involved in the preparations and that they were so dedicated to making it ever so whimsical. Jerome was constantly on the phone delegating tasks to my Mum and Nanna as they became secret squirrels in the quest to create and host the perfect vegan high-tea baby shower... and of course, it was absolutely perfect and so so sweet and beautiful. I was so appreciative and couldn't believe it! So, since uploading our photos to the Veggieful Facebook page, I have had a number of you asking me for more photos and details of this amazing event. So here it is! Enjoy Jerome's beautiful photography!

Beautiful styling with delicious savoury goodies made by my Mum. The recipes for these savoury treats are hidden in our party eBook

More delicious vegan savoury goodies made by Mum. These recipes are also in our party eBook.

Yummy sweet goodies made by myself and Nanna. Top tier are my basic vanilla cupcakes found in our recipe section. The second tier are Nanna's delicious vegan melting moments and the third tier are Nanna's yummy date slice bites. The right hand photo are the cute little bottles and straws Jerome bought to serve the delicious pink grapefruit lemonade he made for the baby shower. 

Nanna's pretty tea cups on the left to serve with tea (obviously hehe). The right photo is Jerome's sweet drink dispenser he bought for the baby shower containing the amazingly delicious pink grapefruit lemonade he had made the night before. He had frozen some of it in sections so that it remained cold throughout the day. Everyone loved it!

How cute is this cake? Mum ordered a vegan cake specifically for the baby shower... how sweet! It came with lots of cute little cupcakes decorated with pretty dummies. 

Our cute little tea and lemonade table. So sweet!

Me opening presents on the left and cupcakes made by Nanna and I on the right. The pink and white striped cupcakes are our basic vanilla cupcake recipe found in our recipe section. The others were simple orange and vanilla cupcakes made by Nanna. 

Oh my gosh these were amazing. Nanna made these delicious puff pastry cones filled with chocolate, custard and strawberries. 

Everyone eating delicious food and sitting on the picnic blanket. 

Jerome and I on the left and me on a swing on the right. 

Lovely Nanna on the left in her cute little apron. On the right: Jerome made this cute tea box to hold the tea bags for the baby shower. He built it himself, painted it and hand painted the word 'tea'... how amazing!

Lovely Jerome on the left and me admiring my 30 week pregnant belly. 

My dad Mikey on the left enjoying some of Jerome's delicious pink lemonade. Pretty vintage doors on the right that Jerome and Poppa had strung up as an entrance to our baby shower! How beautiful! Such a nice entrance to the park for our guests. 

Cute little horsey on the left with hair styled by Mum. My family on the right admiring my 30 week belly! 

Mum letting the horsey try on her hat! hehe. 


  1. You are gorgeous! What a beautiful baby shower. Congrats, & I love that it was a vegan baby shower. How lovely.

    (I think we're due about the same time...I'm 29 weeks :) )

  2. What a beautiful celebration! The food and the styling are just perfect. I don't think people really have baby showers over here (England) but I'll take any excuse for a lovely party :)

    1. Thanks so much. Jerome and my family did an amazing job :)

  3. What a beautiful shower! You're going to have such a gorgeous little vegan family. :)
    I've had 4 vegan pregnancies and my kids are all bright, healthy and happy so don't ever believe anyone who tells you it's not good for your child.
    Congratulations and good luck.

  4. I would recommend the book Vegan For Life if you ever want a good guide on vegan pregnancy. It was really useful for me :)

  5. Just gorgeous, Maddi! What beautiful pictures for your baby to look back on, too. :) x

    1. Thanks Bex :) I know... I can't wait to show her one day!

  6. Amazing pictures, beautiful party specially for being cruelty free. The best wishes to the future parents. I'm loving the blog!

  7. Incredible! Do you host for others?

  8. We have a beautiful vegan baby too!! We call him Henry but several of our friends affectionately refer to him as 'vegan baby'! He's beautiful and healthy and pregnancy and delivery were wonderful. He has been healthy since but I had some severe unavoidable complications...amazingly I survived and my body healed so quickly and asked about my diet. When I proudly said "I'm vegan" they nodded and responded "that explains it"!! This made us so happy! Now baby and mum are thriving :) we love your blog and recommend it to all our non vegan friends who want to make us treats and now many of them say it's their go-to site for any baking occasion! We cannot wait to feed your lovely treats to Mr Henry. He is three months so it will be a little while.. xxx ps you inspire us!! ,I'm trying to get kitchen registered for vegan market stall making and grand plan in a restaurant near our home Melbournes hills

    1. Hi Jenny! Thanks so much for your response. You are so lovely! I love hearing about you and Henry. So cute :) I am so glad that you are both healthy and that the doctors were pleased about your vegan status. Good luck with your stall!

  9. Such a beautiful bath! You're going to possess such a beautiful little vegetarian family.: )
    I've experienced 4 vegetarian pregnancies as well as my children are all vibrant, healthy and happy therefore don't actually believe anybody who lets you know it's not great for your child.
    Congrats and best of luck.