December 11, 2014

First Steps Towards a Vegan Lifestyle

Undertaking a vegan lifestyle can seem so daunting at first but it actually is quite simple. Sometimes having a checklist like the one below can really make you feel at ease. So, follow our easy-peasy list to get on your way to become a lean mean vegan machine!

  1. Read through our Vegan 101 section to become familiar with the benefits and what a vegan actually is.
  2. Make the swaps! Swap your dairy for soy milk, almond milk or other plant based milk. Swap your meat for beans, legumes, tofu, mushrooms or commercial meat alternatives. Swap your eggs in your baking with the egg alternatives listed in our vegan 1o1 section. Swap your normal chocolate for dairy free chocolate or for dark chocolate which is commonly vegan. 
  3. Plan your meals out for the week. Have a look through our recipes or through magazines, decide which meals you will be making, write a grocery list and go grocery shopping. Then every week, add one new recipe to your shopping list. This will really improve your recipe repertoire and will really increase your confidence with vegan cooking. It is so much easier than you think. Trust me! Or, as an alternative, make all of your normal meals but make the swaps listed in step 2. For example, make your famous spaghetti bolognese but add lentils and mushrooms instead of beef.
  4. Start educating yourself. Read some studies such as The China Study to inform yourself on why a vegan lifestyle is so beneficial. This will make you feel better about your choice and will also make you feel confident when others ask why you are vegan etc...
  5. Search for vegan restaurants near you! Have a look for some vegan cafes, takeaways and restaurants near you. It is so much fun to eat out and try lots of vegan deliciousness.
  6. Follow some of your favourite vegan blogs and websites! This will keep you up to date with all of the latest vegan news and products etc...
  7. Have fun! Buy some vegan cook books and start cooking. Make vegan cupcakes for friends and family. Chat to others on vegan forums. Start loving your choice and have fun!

Don't forget, every person undertakes a vegan lifestyle at their own pace. It doesn't matter if it takes you 1 day or 1 year. Just relax and enjoy the transition! 


  1. Oh my gosh. I've been vegan before and was pretty easy, now I'm thinking of making the transition again and for some reason was a bit daunted by it. I am however taking it step by step (I just made the vegan parmesan cheese from this website and love it) or sometimes meal by meal. Even planning one vegan meal at a time will eventually lead to a fully vegan diet and I find this approach a bit easier to "digest". I've even begun to think about my weak points like cheese and chicken and began to plan how to wean myself off of these (e.g. by making vegan cheese which is SOOOO simple).
    Thanks for the advice which makes the whole thing much more digestible (pun intended)