September 6, 2015

Sweet William Vegan White Chocolate Review

We have been meaning to write this review for a while now... not because we are lazy, or because we are busy, but due to the fact that we keep eating the product we are trying to review! I think one of the most exciting days in my vegan life is the day I saw Sweet William's block of white chocolate. Not only was it vegan, but amazingly and utterly delicious. So delicious, that Jerome and I had to keep re-buying it to photograph as it seemed to end up in our bellies before in front of the camera. We try not to do many reviews on Veggieful unless it is something we particularly love... and boy do we love this!

We receive a lot of mail in the Veggieful inbox with many reoccurring questions. A popular one being, "do you have a recipe for vegan white chocolate?". In the past, I had planned to create a recipe sometime in the future until I tasted this block of goodness. My oh my is it yummy... creamy, chocolately, melt-in-your-mouth-y. Amazing!

Our recipes using the white chocolate:
  1. Vegan Blueberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes
  2. Vegan White Chocolate Mud Cupcakes with Homemade Rosebuds

You can find it in the health food aisle in Coles, IGA and selected health food stores. 

Want to see more of their delicious range? Check out their website or follow them on their Facebook page


  1. Oh, I did not need to read this!! I'm off to look for some now ...

    1. Hahaha you will never be able to forget about it. So amazing!

  2. That looks so yummy! I checked out their website, the ingredients look pretty decent as well! One of these days I'll treat myself and order some of these online!