March 4, 2016

Mia's Vegan 2nd Birthday Party

Mia turned 2 on the 5th January 2016... I can't believe it. How quickly time flies! I know everyone tells you that children grow up so quickly but you don't really understand it until it happens. She had such a lovely high-tea themed birthday party at our local pool filled with delicious vegan yummies and lots of playing and swimming. With help from Jerome, Mum and Nanna, the treats were such a success and devoured by all! It was so cute hosting a little vegan party for her and her friends. Toddlers are the best! See below for photos of the yum yums for inspiration for your own kids vegan party. 

We made cupcakes instead of one big cake. Just used our vanilla cupcake recipe from our recipe section, made a vegan buttercream and found these little pink vegan cashous at Coles. 

Vegan melting moments with pink icing and hundreds and thousands made by my Mum.

My Nanna made these vegan jam and custard filled mini muffins.

Nanna made these vegan doughnut holes. See the recipe in our recipe section.

The best ever vegan sausage rolls. Recipe in our recipe section. 

Jerome made this "princess" pink lemonade. Mimi was very excited although she didn't have any.  
Little sandwiches. Mixture of vegan cream cheese, pickles etc...
Mimi and her much loved "Bissy".
Our Bella. She was only 10 weeks here.


  1. Such cute pictures! Love the crown!

  2. What an adorable kid :) She looks incredibly happy! You're doing an amazing job with your family and the food looks so delicious omg

  3. Wow!! I just love your party food, it all looks so yummy and perfect for a little girl's party!! My daughter is 4 and would just LOVE that princess lemonade, what a great idea :-) :-)
    I love your blog, thanks for sharing so much good stuff! Take care, sending love from France xx

  4. Lucky girl to have such wonderful parents.

  5. Lucky girl to have such wonderful parents.