April 4, 2016

3 Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Recipe

This is a recipe I use regularly. It is a raw (or almost raw?) 3 ingredient chocolate that you can use for dipping, freezing, coating or just eating on its own. I love to pour it into mini patty pans and allow to set in the fridge or freezer. It is such a smooth chocolate... just melts in your mouth! I love it. I posted a photo of them and asked on our social media pages what you all thought they were. Most of you thought they were peanut butter cups! I can definitely see how. They aren't peanut butter cups, however, you could definitely add a dollop of peanut butter in the middle! You could also try rum and raisin, fruit and nut, orange peel etc... Hope you love them!

    coconut oil
    maple/agave syrup

  1. Add all ingredients to a bowl and heat it up carefully until the coconut oil has JUST melted.
  2. Stir until all ingredients have melted and the cocoa has dissolved.
  3. Pour into patty pans and place in the fridge or freezer until set.
  4. Eat from the fridge. Enjoy.

  • Keep them refrigerated so they do not melt. 


  1. I've actually been using a recipe similar to this for nearly the whole time I have been vegan. It's so great and easy to make, i usually just chuck in the ingredients (roughly even) and make it to taste. I never seem to have vegan cooking chocolate in the house and have used this when recipes call for melted chocolate or as a chocolate glaze. Really yummy and would recommend.

  2. Thanks for recipe for vegan chocolates
    I will try at home.
    My brother like your recipe.
    Thanks for sharing