May 4, 2022

Tips to Help Morning Sickness on a Vegan Diet

 If anyone can write a post about morning sickness, it would be me! Three pregnancies and three HORRIBLE experiences with morning sickness. I went through more than 20 to 30 weeks (with each pregnancy) of intense vomiting, nights of sleeping next to the toilet, hospital trips for the drip and binge eating to try and make the nausea go away. It was TERRIBLE!!! Just know that you are not alone. They say that more than 70% of pregnant women will have some form of morning sickness during their pregnancy. It can actually be seen as a GOOD sign! In fact, a study in 2016 revealed that morning sickness was a great indicator of a strong and healthy pregnancy! Yay! 

The crazy thing is that there are foods which seriously help my morning sickness such as hash browns, coke and hot chips but I just don't want to keep eating naughty things! It is such a struggle between eating well for your growing baby but also getting relief. All I can say is just do what you can. Its all about survival and just try to get through the horrible times. It is just temporary and will be over soon... but I know more than anyone that it is seriously the worst feeling in the world.

If you are struggling with nausea and vomiting (like I am as I am writing this) try some of the remedies below and find out what works for you!


  • Eat often. An empty stomach normally triggers more nausea.
  • Keep vomit bags handy. All through the car, your handbag, baby bag, the house etc... you will need it!
  • Keep snacks on you at all times. Have snacks handy whenever you leave the house.
  • Try to limit travel. Driving can trigger the nausea and vomiting.
  • Keep a food diary and list which foods help and trigger you. Keep the good options stocked in your house at all times.
  • Head over to the emergency department if you feel like your vomiting is getting out of control. I find that going on the drip makes you feel like a new person for a couple of days!


  • Crackers
  • Carby things - breads, wraps, pasta
  • Hot chips or chop up potatoes and make your own. This is healthier!
  • Soda water or fizzy drinks
  • Ginger biscuits
  • Dark chocolate. Not sure why but it really helped me. I would smash down dark chocolate lindt bunnies
  • Dried fruit really helped
  • Bananas
  • Toast - especially vegemite on toast


  • Some people find travel sickness wrist bands can help
  • Apparently acupuncture can really help some people
  • Vitamin B6 supplements
  • Medication prescribed by your doctor. I personally didn't use any as I didn't like the side effects but do your own research and see how you feel about the options. 

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