March 13, 2023

7 Tips for Raising Vegan Kids


🧡1••• Let them make their OWN CHOICES. Lead them and be a positive role model but also let them have some control over their bodies and their decisions. In our experience, our children make healthier decisions when not pressured. 

🧡2••• Get them involved in the COOKING and lunchbox planning. This allows them to ask questions and also let’s them bring up any worries in regards to having a different lunch or food to their friends. We take our kids to the grocery store to let them choose which lunchbox items they would like for the week. 

🧡3••• Keep an open line of COMMUNICATION. Let them ask questions and feel comfortable in voicing their concerns. Jerome and I always try to remember that they are only human and being different is hard for a little person. 

🧡4••• Prepare to COMPROMISE. No lifestyle is perfect especially when planning for another person. Prepare to compromise at some point. Just remember - they won’t remember the piece of birthday cake they wanted but they will remember how they felt at the birthday party. 

🧡5••• PLAN! Plan your meals and lunch boxes to make sure everyone feels happy and has bellies full of nutritious food. Try a new recipe every week to keep it exciting! 

🧡6••• Find other vegan kids for them to play with! A sense of COMMUNITY brings comfort. You can find local plant based Facebook groups. 

🧡7••• EDUCATE! Explain the health benefits and let them be confident in explaining their lifestyle to others. If they are informed about their choices, they will be able to answer questions and not feel intimidated. We purchased kids vegan books to help explain certain aspects of the vegan world. 

I hope this helps! Comment below if YOU have any tips to help other vegan families 🌱🌱🌱

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