July 26, 2014

Vegan Pregnancy Experiences and Advice

"We have a beautiful vegan baby too!! We call him Henry but several of our friends affectionately refer to him as 'vegan baby'! He's beautiful and healthy and pregnancy and delivery were wonderful. He has been healthy since but I had some severe unavoidable complications...amazingly I survived and my body healed so quickly and asked about my diet. When I proudly said "I'm vegan" they nodded and responded "that explains it"!! This made us so happy! Now baby and mum are thriving :) we love your blog and recommend it to all our non vegan friends who want to make us treats and now many of them say it's their go-to site for any baking occasion! We cannot wait to feed your lovely treats to Mr Henry. He is three months so it will be a little while.. xxx ps you inspire us!! ,I'm trying to get kitchen registered for vegan market stall making and grand plan in a restaurant near our home Melbournes hills."
- Jenny, Austraia

"I am actually pregnant at the moment and am really glad that you have made this section to help me in the future. I am 7 months along at the moment and have been vegan for 5 years including this pregnancy. Everything has been good and I have had no problems. I thought that our medical professionals and midwives would be a bit hesitant at my vegan lifestyle but everyone has been supportive and actually quite congratulatory. They have all said that vegan lifestyles are really healthy and can meet all requirements. I am taking a b12 supplement and an iron supplement. Be careful what b12 supplement you buy as some are derive from cyanide. My advice to other vegan parents would be to not worry what others say... if anyone gives you a hard time just laugh in their face as they probable can't think straight due to all of the chemicals, hormones, saturated fat, cholestoral and bad food that is going straight to their brain. Harsh but true." 
- Amy, China

"I was vegan throughout my whole pregnancy and pre-pregnancy. Caleb has been vegan since conception and he is 4 years old now. He was born at a healthy weight and was very tall. I had some bad complications during his birth but luckily I survived. The complications were unavoidable and unpreventable. The doctors told me that they believe that the only reason my body fought so well was because I was vegan. I was so proud. My pregnancy was really good too. I looked healthy, felt healthy and was healthy. My test results and blood results were always perfect."
- Lauwren, USA

"My baby is four months old and I am still breastfeeding. We are both vegan and my breastmilk supply is amazing and I am having the best experience with her. She is healthy and so chubby! My pregnancy was great. I didn't have any compilations, my blood work was always great and my birth was so quick. I healed so quickly too after a third degree tear. My midwife thinks that my vegan lifestyle made me recover so quickly. I was back to pre-pregnancy weight and exercising in no time at all!"
- Sophia, Australia

"My advice would be that if your paed, midwife or other professional isn't onboard with your vegan choices then find a new one that is supportive. It makes such a difference. It definitely made a difference when we found a doctor who was really supportive and he actually has a vegan wife. My wife is 8 months pregnant and we have no doubts about being vegan and our lifestyle." 
- Matt, Australia

"I love your website! It has been so helpful to my husband and I. We have been vegan for a few years now but were eating the same types of food. Your website has made us have so many new different recipes and fun things to make for friends and family. Anyway, I was vegan through my whole pregnancy and had to have an emergency C section. Our baby was in breech. However, I felt healed within hours and was able to walk around and felt great. My midwife and doctors couldn't believe my recovery time. I thought it was due to my healthy vegan lifestyle and so did they. I ate a really good balanced diet throughout my pregnancy. Lots of grains, seeds, nuts, beans, legumes, fruit, veggies and whole-foods. I took a B12 supplement and an Iron supplement. I think that people need to stop worrying about vegans not getting the required nutrients because we eat so well. We definitely eat healthier than meat-eaters so it angers me to see a person eating a cheeseburger telling me that I "need more protein"!" 
- Carol, New Zealand

"Being vegan and pregnant isn't rocket science. Eat a wide range, balanced and healthy lifestyle and you will be fine." 
- Jade, Thailand

"I was a runner before my pregnancy and continued light exercise throughout my pregnancy. My midwife who I saw regularly was happy with my progress and there were no issues or problems. I kept up with the green smoothies to ensure lots of extra nutrition for our growing baby. Every person should be watching their nutritional intake... especially meat-eaters." 
- Christie, Australia

"If you are already vegan, you will be asked "will you stay vegan?" by everyone. Of course you will. It was something that really annoyed me. My pregnancy was amazing, my birth was amazing and my child is amazing. Veganism = amazing". 
- Sharon, UK

"Trust what you believe and listen to your body. If you feel good throughout your pregnancy then you are good. I have been vegan for more than 20 years and have been through all five of my pregnancies." 
- Mary, Australia

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